What is Bitumen?

What is Bitumen?

Bitumen is a complex and very complex material that has long been known by humans and has been used in the manufacture of construction and decorative items, artificial prostheses, ship waterproofing and even mummification.

Bitumen occurs naturally from under the earth’s crust in the form of springs, lakes and surface mines in solid and liquid form.

In fact, it was natural bitumen that was used by human ancestors in the past and it was used in road construction in the late nineteenth century, and finally, with the discovery of oil and its refining and the creation of bitumen residues, the way was opened for the widespread use of bitumen in road construction.

Asphalt surfaces made with bitumen today provide very smooth and safe roads for light and heavy vehicles and quality runways for landing and take-off of aircraft and even excellent rail infrastructure for trains.

Construction waterproofing and industrial applications such as protective coatings for oil and gas transmission line pipes and power transmission lines all indicate the bituminous and waterproof capability of the bitumen.

The important use of bitumen is due to the existence of two important properties of this material;
* Waterproof
* Adhesion