BHP Terminal

Furthermore, the BHP terminal in Shahid Rajaee quay made it possible for bulk vessels to berth directly to the jetty and deliver the products to all international ports.
Number and capacity of storage tanks: 5 tanks, max capacity of storage is 10500 MT.
Jetty specification: 2 jetties are available, which are named: 56 &57. Safe draft is 7.5 m and total length of both jetties are 210 m.
Loading rate (receiving by trucks): 3000 tons per day.
Discharging rate to vessel: 200 MT/hr. up to maximum 250 MT/hr. (depend on cargo grade & temp).

Storage capacity 10500 MT
Vessel`s loading rate 200 MT/hr. up to maximum 250 MT/hr. ( depend on cargo grade & temp )
Specification of the birth Max draft ( meter) 7.5
No 56 &57
Length ( meter ) 210
Receiving rate ( by trucks ) Approx. 3000 tons per day

we are proud to say that BHP has loaded the largest bitumen vessel with a capacity of 46,000 MT has ever entered Bandar Abbas port.