Cutback Bitumen

Cutback bitumen is a mixture of bitumen and a suitable solvent (e.g. kerosene or gasoline). The type and quality of Cutback bitumen depends on the quality of the original pure bitumen, the type of solvent and the amount of solvent. This bitumen is liquid at room temperature or liquefied with a little heat.
Cutback bitumen is used in road construction for surface coatings, infiltration, cold factory asphalt or on-site mixes.

Cutback bitumen are divided into the following 3 groups according to the setting speed and the type of solvent:

– Rapid Curing Bitumen (RC):
Due to the high rate of evaporation of gasoline, the bitumen dissolved in gasoline hardens faster. This bitumen is called rapid curing bitumen.

– Medium Curing Bitumen (MC):
Bitumen dissolved in kerosene are called medium curing bitumen, which has a slower and longer evaporation rate than gasoline.

– Slow Curing Bitumen (SC):
Graves that are dissolved in gas oil or furnace oil are called slow curing bitumen.

Kinematic viscosity @60°c (cst) ASTM D-2170 30-60 70-140 25-500 3000-6000
Flash point °c (tag) ASTM D-3143 Min 38 Min 38 Min66 Min66
Water content% ASTM D-95 Max 0.2 Max 0.2 Max 0.2 Max 0.2
Distillation @190°c % ASTM D402 - - - -
Distillation @225°c% ASTM D-402 25max 20max 10max -
Distillation @260°c% ASTM D-402 40 -70 20-60 15-55 15 max
Distillation @316°c % ASTM D-402 75-93 65-90 60-87 15-75
Residue of Distillation @360% ASTM D-402 50min 55min 67min 80 min
Penetration @25°c.10/mm ASTM D-5 120-250 120-250 120-250 120-250
Solubility in TCE ASTM D-2042 99.0min 99.0min 99.0min 99.0min
Ductility @25°c 5cm/min ASTM D-113 100max 100max 100max 100max