BHP Factory

The factory is located at the most important and strategic port among Iran borders in Bandar Abbas, and it receives the factory feed (Vacuum bottom) from the Bandar Abbas refinery directly through the private pipeline.
The conversion of a vacuum bottom into effective, modifying and enhancing and superior-quality bitumen by bitumen reactor has enabled us to produce various ranges of bitumen including VG.AC.PG, Penetration Grade.
Four bulk bitumen loading platforms has provided the possibility of simultaneous delivery of two products with a capacity of 4000 tons per day. The plant has a number of tanks with a total storage capacity of 22,000 tons. This factory has a production capacity of 5,000 barrels per day by benefiting from barrel production lines (short / long). By using the equipment and tanks mentioned above, the company has the ability to produce and deliver 2,000 tons of bitumen per day.

Storage capacity 22000MT
Specification of the birth Barrel production- per day in 1 shift 5500
Filling barrel 11000
Storage barrel 50000
Receiving rate Other refineries ( by trucks ) Approx 4000 tons per day