How We Care About Safety

How We Care About Safety

Protecting the safety of our employees and Company’s production facilities and equipment is a core value in BHP. We are committed to comply strictly with the following principles:

• Legal requirements and policies, standards and practices
• Establishment of safety goals and tasks necessary to achieve these goals
• Implementation of periodical evaluation of the safety policies to reduce risks and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our policies which are in place
• Periodical technical check-up of our safety equipment & devices and fire extinguishing system to ensure they are working efficiently.

BHP’s Equipment & Devices Under Operation In The Factory Site & Loading Terminal

-Fire Extinguishers & Capsules:

Type of Capsules
Weight Per Capsules (kg)
factory Powder and gas 6 32
factory Powder and gas 50 5
factory CO2 2 35
factory CO2 6 7
factory CO2 30 2
Loading Terminal Powder and gas 6 11
Loading Terminal Powder and gas 50 4
Loading Terminal CO2 2 11
Loading Terminal CO2 6 7
Loading Terminal CO2 30 1

-Monitors And Hydrants:

Already There are 4 monitors in the factory 5 monitors in loading terminal are installed and operating properly. The operational number of hydrants devices in the factory are 10 and 7 in the terminal.


Totally 16 fireboxes are now in installed in the factory area and loading terminal. 9 fireboxes in the factory and 7 fireboxes in the loading terminal which are all equipped with fire hoses, nozzles and special wrenches.

-Fire pumps:

Number of main pumps
Number of pump jockeys
Number of diesel pumps
Factory 1 2 1
Loading Terminal 1 1 0

-Detectors and chassis:
The number of detectors in the factory are 43 and in the terminal are 13. In addition to detectors, 8 chassis are installed in the factory site and 6 in the loading terminal.


-Fire alarm system panel:
3 panels of fire alarm system are currently operating in factory site and loading terminal.


-Oxygen capsule and gas meter:
The factory is well equipped with 1 oxygen capsule and 1 gas meter.

-Fire Fighter Uniform:

Number of firefighting uniforms
Number of boots
Number of hats
Number of gloves
2 2 2 2

-Eye wash and emergency shower:

Wash your eyes
Emergency shower
Factory 1 1
Loading Terminal 2 1

-First Aid Box:

Factory 7
Loading Terminal 7